Postpartum Belly Problems? Ė 3 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Don't Underestimate the Power of These 3 Exercises

postpartum belly

If you're someone who's suffering from postpartum belly problems, there's a very good chance that you're actively searching for what you can do to remedy this problem and regain your old form again. There are many women just like you who are stuck dealing with this problem after giving birth to their child and with the right action plan in place you can get back the slim stomach that you once had.

To get you started, let's take a quick look at the three top postpartum belly exercises that you can do anywhere. If you implement these into your workout week at least three times a week, it's not going to be long before you're noticing some big changes.


The first great postpartum belly exercise that you should consider adding to your daily routine are called kegels. Some of you may be wondering what these muscles have to do with your belly. And the answer to that is... everything. This is because if these muscles donít work right then youíll have a very difficult time getting control of the muscles you need to flatten your postpartum belly.

With this exercise, what you're going to do is lie down so that your back is flat against the floor with your legs and arms extended by your sides.

If you wish, you can also do this exercise in a seated or standing position as well but most people find it slightly easier to focus on executing it correctly when they're lying down. The nice thing about this exercise though is that since you don't actually have to move to complete it, you can virtually do it anywhere you'd like without anyone knowing.

Once you're ready, you're simply going to contract the pelvic floor as hard as you can and then hold for a period of 10 seconds. Once that's finished, take a short rest break of another 10 seconds and then contract again.

Perform this exercise ten times in a row doing it three times each day and you'll be all set.

As an added bonus, if you happen to suffer from any incontinence issues which is extremely common after pregnancy, this exercise is a quick way to remedy that issue.

Tummy Vacuums

The second exercise that can be used to cure postpartum belly problems after you've mastered the kegel exercise is called a tummy vacuum.

"Tummy Vacuums are one of the best exercises for really flattening your stomach"

For this one you're going to contract the pelvic floor just as you did during the kegel exercise but once that's finished, you are to then pull your belly button back towards your spine and hold it for 10 seconds in that position. After 10 seconds of holding, relax and allow you belly to expand for 10 seconds before repeating the process again.

Do this one three times a day, aiming to complete 10 repetitions per time.

This is one of the best movements for making some significant changes and really flattening your stomach. So if that's a concern of yours, make sure that you are doing this one regularly.

Pelvic Rocking

Finally, our last exercise for getting rid of your postpartum belly is pelvic rocking. To begin this exercise you'll want to start in a position that has you lying down with your knees bent and your back on the floor.

postpartum belly

From there, contract your pelvic floor muscles and focus on rotating your pelvis backwards as you flatten your lower back into the floor. You can also place the back of your hands under the small of your back to get a better feeling for the movement. Hold this for ten seconds before resting for another ten and repeating again.

Like all the others, repeat this exercise for ten repetitions, three times each day.

So there you have your top exercises that will get your waistline moving in the right direction again so you can do away with your postpartum belly and get back your old self again.

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